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Examples of “high-profile”

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

The literature on this subject could have been strengthened by recent high- profile publications.
Fortunately for their intended victims, a series of high- profile acquittals# began to dampen their enthusiasm for libel prosecutions.
Some of this material has no doubt been difficult to research, since it received much less coverage than the high- profile subsidized productions.
Additional uses have been identified in high- profile applications such as mobile code security, where terms of a dependently typed lambda calculus to encode safety proofs.
Here, the architect focuses more on longterm relationships with clients than on high- profile projects.
The high- profile water development policy from 1970 could not be meaningfully supported on the ground, and hence it failed.
It was a high- profile undertaking, with lots of media coverage before, during, and after.
He also said that this high- Limited Mountaineers Navy College Andrew Stitched Buie Blue Jersey profile project produced no significant errors on its first day of operation.
But this approach met with stiff resistance, particularly after the failure of a high- profile doubleliability bank, and it was never broadly applied.
Professional geologists are conditioned to judge the vigour of their subject by their own performance in the high- profile sectors of industry and research.
By contrast, other high- profile industrial disputes during this period, notably the mineworkers' strike of 1946, did not evoke the popular support which teachers received.
The result was an extraordinary reversal of expenditure patterns from high- profile projects to small-scale urbanisation and infrastructure works of benefit to every neighbourhood.
The academic debate was complemented by presentations of high- profile international projects that were discussed from a methodological point of view.
Once again, a sudden high- profile death led millions to focus on the image of a person whom they had never met.
For example, case studies of particular high- profile votes show that party cohesion can break down when national interests are at stake.

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